When it comes to learning about dogs, a great coach is an invaluable tool!
My goal is to coach you from a distance, perhaps without even meeting you! Sharing the knowledge I have accumulated over the years and some simple “tricks of the trade” is perhaps the most rewarding part of dog training for me. If I had a dollar for every time one of my clients said “oh yeah, duhh, that makes perfect sense and is so simple”….

Please enjoy the simple “duhh” moments I have shared with countless others. Dogs are pretty simple creatures overall, so keep that in mind when that silly furry face is drooling on your knee begging for food from the table!

(P.S.- first tip is you can give him that table scrap, just NOT from the table)

Have fun and feel free to pass this information on to your friends and family in need of a “duhh” moment with their dog! J



Ditto's tip: "Be silly - laughter is truly the best medicine!"

Training Tips

Zildjian's tip: "Never wake up too early from a nap when traveling - Are we there yet?"

Gracie and Zeus' tip: "Keep friends close and enjoy a nap as often as you can!"

Teaching Dogs to Think and Owners to Think "Dog"!

Professional Reward Based Training

Leonard's tip: "Enjoy the simple, quiet moments and take time for a hug!"